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Which Tooth Powder is Right For You? - Weluxia

Which Tooth Powder is Right For You?

Over the years there has been one question that I can count on to hear over and over again: “What Toothpaste/Toothpowder Should I Use?”  

As more and more  brands and varieties roll out into the market, the choices are becoming more plentiful and the decisions harder to make.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between our tooth powders .

What is Tooth Powder?

Tooth powder is thought to have originated many thousands of years ago. Ancient people may have used ingredients such as myrrh, burnt eggshells, crushed animal bone ash, and oyster shells to create powders able to remove mouth odour, plus clean and polish teeth.

As people began traveling further away from their homes and discovered various herbs, they may have added ingredients such as mint leaves, cloves or peppers to their tooth powder recipes.

Unlike toothpaste, tooth powder requires the addition of water to brush your teeth so preservatives are not required.

To create toothpaste, sodium lauryl sulfate and preservatives are still typically found. Other ingredients may include thickeners, humectants, and flavourings of various kinds.


Remineralize Teeth with Natural Hydroxyapatite

If you are experiencing :

Sensitive teeth, weakened enamel, teeth that chip easily, enamel erosion, or white or brown spots on teeth (hypoplasia ), then you are experiencing demineralisation also known as decalcification.

Our remineralising tooth powder with natural hydroxyapatite is a highly advanced formulation of components (6 ingredients) that have been carefully selected to help remineralise teeth and reduce sensitivity. Hydroxyapatite, the mineral that makes up enamel is used to remineralise teeth and reduce sensitivity.

Remineralising Tooth Powder


Raw Mineral Tooth Powder

If you want a gentle everyday toothpowder as an alternative to toothpaste. Our raw mineral tooth powder is gentle enough to work for everyday. 

Our Mineral Tooth Powder is a gentle formulation of components (7 ingredients) that have been carefully selected. Completely chemical free and formulated with special ingredients such as calcium carbonate, and mineral-rich sea salt along with beneficial essential oils which are very important part of achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gum.


mineral tooth powder

Miswak Tooth And Gum Powder

If you are experiencing :

Dental caries, enamel decay, inflamed gums, gum disease (gingivitis), odour , plaque then you are experiencing bacterial overgrowth. 

Several studies show that miswak possesses anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-plaque, and anti-cariogenic properties. Our miswak tooth powder contains natural fluoride and gallotannins-a phenolic compound reported to be bactericidal to cariogenic bacteria. These compounds inhibit the growth of oral pathogens, particularly Streptococcus mutans, because they interfere with the streptococcal attachment to dental biofilm.

Overall Miswak powder helps reduce the risk of oral diseases from caries to periodontitis.


Miswak Tooth Powder

Remineralizing Tooth Powder for Sensitive Teeth

If you are experiencing :

Sensitive teeth, Reactions to essentials oils, follow a homeopathic protocol, weak enamel then this powder would be suitable for you. Our unflavoured tooth powder with low bicarbonate is a great alternative 





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