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Oil Pulling Mouthwash-Sweet Spice

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Product Details

Weluxia oil pulling mouthwash is an ideal product to help improve and support your overall oral care and gum health. Users have found oil pulling as an effective mouthwash to support healthy gums and gum care.


It has been proposed that the viscosity of oil can inhibit bacterial adhesion and plaque coaggregation.

One of the very first symptoms experienced after oil pulling is an increased flow of mucous from the throat and sinuses.

Mucous drainage is considered as our body’s way of removing toxins by causing activation of enzymes.

Oil pulling may help you achieve a fresher mouth by removing harmful bacteria that contributes to bad breath and oral diseases.


Coconut Oil -contains predominantly medium chain
fatty acids of which 45-50 % is lauric acid, known for it`s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Seabuckthorn- contains several chemical constituents including vitamins, phenolic compounds, lipids, tocopherols, carotenoids and phytosterols. Due to the long-chain fatty acids which has a high antimicrobial activities against Gram-positive bacteria .

Black Seed Oil- has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities, reducing biofilm formation and disrupting the colonization of pathogenic bacteria essential for the progression of periodontal disease.

Cardamom Oil - extracts are effective against oral pathogenic bacteria like Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans.

Cinnamon Bark Oil - not only is it antifungal and antibacterial but it’s also an antiseptic which makes it efficient at relieving pain in the gums

Star Anise- contains gallic acid, anethole, limonene, quercetin, shikimic acid and linalool. When all these compounds come together they give the spice its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fennel- is used in oral care products for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and analgesic properties, which may help to soothe mouth ailments such as ulcers and sore gums.

Sweet Thyme Oil -a potent
herb that neutralises germs that lead to gum irritation, soreness, and receding gums.

Tea Tree-is a stand-out essential oil with broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties

Damask Rose -obtained from the petals of Rosa Damascena grown in Bulgaria. It possesses powerful antibacterial activity. Your breath will be delicately scented all day long.

Suggested Usage

Use 1 tablespoon (1 tsp for children) in mouth and vigorously swish and pull in-between the teeth. The
viscous oil will become thinner which means it is ready to be discarded. Spit
the oil into the trash to avoid clogging sink.

Rinse mouth with warm water.

Should be performed ideally in the morning on empty stomach before brushing teeth and care should be taken that oil is not swallowed as the oil will contain bacteria and toxins.

WARNING  Do not swallow after swishing.

This rinse is recommended for adults and children, 6
years old (with supervision that can spit )and older


Oil Pulling Mouthwash- Sweet Spice

Our all  natural oil pulling mouthwash is based on an Ayurvedic technique of swishing oil through teeth and gums to pull out bacteria and debris.  Flavoured with fennel, cinnamon, with a subtle aroma of damask rose. For delicately scented breath all day long. A gentler alternative to  peppermint


Plaque Reducing Coconut Oil & Black Seed Oil  Formula

Traditional Ayurvedic Practice

Size 125ml / 25-30  applications

Promotes gum health and combats bad breath effectively

Safe alternative to freshen breath naturally




Weluxia Oil Pulling Mouthwash


  • Flavour Free
  • Reduces Malodour
  • Gum/Teeth Sensitivity
Oil Pulling Mouthwash Pepermint


  • Breath Freshening
  • Plaque Reducing
  • Gum Soothing


  • Rose Scented
  • Plaque Reducing
  • Gum Soothing