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At Weluxia, we’re committed to making our contribution to waste as minimal as possible. Our health isn’t the only thing we believe in though, we’re also big believers in supporting the health of our planet.


Less Packaging & Less Impact

We  no longer ship our products with outer packaging. When you take into account the resources that go into creating these cardboard and paperboard packages, and you the consumer has to pay for it in the cost of the product. Whilst we agree they visually enhance products, look great on the shelf but they do  eventually get discarded.

We decided that the outer packaging on many of our products simply weren’t essential. 

In November 2022 the European Commission released an article read here The new rules aim to stop this trend. For consumers, they will ensure reusable packaging optionsget rid of unnecessary packaging, limit overpackaging, and provide clear labels to support correct recycling.

We choose paper boxes and paper packaging to protect our products through their shelf life.

We would be delighted to hear from packaging companies, scientists, and industry experts who can help us be the best possible health brand in the UK at lowering our carbon footprint and investing in greener materials. Please email  at