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brushing your teeth with soap

Tooth Soap vs Toothpaste

Tooth Soap vs Toothpaste In the world of dental care, a new option is drawing attention - natural tooth soap. People...

miswak stick toothbrush

Miswak Stick

Miswak Stick Did you know the miswak stick comes from the Salvadora persica tree? It's been used for oral hygiene...

How to Tongue Scrape

The Ultimate Guide to Using a Tongue Scraper for Fresher Breath

Discover the ultimate guide to using a tongue scraper for fresher breath. This how-to guide will help you achieve a...

How to oil pull

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Benefits of oil pulling Did you know a study found that 10 minutes of oil pulling daily can lessen Streptococcus mutans in saliva in...

glycerin in toothpaste

Does Glycerin Affect the Remineralization Process of Teeth?

Concerns about glycerin in toothpaste affecting the natural remineralization process and oral health lack scientific support. It's crucial for tooth...

How to Relieve Dry Mouth - Weluxia

How to Relieve Dry Mouth

Are you experiencing the discomfort of dry mouth, also known as xerostomia? Whether it's caused by radiation, medications, or other...

How to remineralize teeth - Weluxia

How to remineralize teeth

How to remineralize teeth Enamel, the protective outer layer of your teeth, is prone to wear and erosion due to dietary acids....

Hydroxyapatite vs. Fluoride - Weluxia

Hydroxyapatite vs. Fluoride

Hydroxyapatite vs. FluorideIf you're concerned about maintaining strong and healthy teeth, chances are you've heard of fluoride. But have you...

Nano Hydroxyapatite vs Hydroxyapatite - Weluxia

Nano Hydroxyapatite vs Natural Hydroxyapatite

A comparison between nano-hydroxyapatite and natural hydroxyapatite, including their composition, penetration capabilities, and potential applications in dental and orthopaedic fields.

Tooth Soap: A Natural Alternative to Traditional Toothpaste - Weluxia

What is Tooth Soap?

Tooth Soap Drops is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste. It's made from simple, biodegradable ingredients, typically including...

What is Hydroxyapatite and How Does it Work? - Weluxia

What is Hydroxyapatite and How Does it Work?

When it comes to dental health and bone regeneration, one term we hear quite often is the word  "hydroxyapatite." But...

Which Tooth Powder is Right For You? - Weluxia

Which Tooth Powder is Right For You?

This article explains the differences between tooth powders and the benefits of using a remineralising tooth powder with natural hydroxyapatite...

Oral Benefits of Miswak

Oral Benefits of Miswak

Salvadora persica, also known as the toothbrush tree, is a medicinal plant native to the Middle East and South Asia...

Benefits of miswak  - Weluxia

Benefits of Miswak

The naturally-occurring compounds in miswak make it an ideal alternative for oral hygiene. Its antibacterial and antiplaque effects help eliminate...

What is Oil Pulling?

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling, an ancient practice originating from Ayurvedic medicine, offers a range of benefits for oral health. By swishing oil in...

What is hydroxyapatite tooth powder? - Weluxia

What is hydroxyapatite tooth powder?

You may be wondering, what is mineral tooth powder and why should I switch to it? Mineral tooth powder is...

Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste: What It Is & The Benefits - Weluxia

Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste: What It Is & The Benefits

If you're looking for a natural toothpaste that does more than just clean your teeth, hydroxyapatite may be worth trying....

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